Sunday, 29 June 2008

Queensland's most exclusive restaurant revealed!

Well the votes are in for my very informal, completely unscientific and guaranteed anonymous survey to find which restaurant in Queensland is the hardest to get a seat. And the answer - Montrachet! My respondents were those 'in the know' in the dining scene - people who frequently book tables. They tell me Montrachet in Given Terrace, Paddington is the hardest restaurant in Brisbane to get a seat. Interestingly, in a recent interview with restaurant owner Thierry Galichet, he told me it's not that hard to get a booking, but if you want the window seat on a Friday night be prepared to wait six months. Other diners, it would seem, beg to differ on the difficulty of obtaining a suitable booking.

There are a few reasons why it's difficult to get into Montrachet. The restaurant is immensely popular and highly awarded but doesn't open on a Saturday night which limits diners' options. This is the only Brisbane restaurant I know of (apart from Salt at Rosalie) that doesn't open on Saturday. It's also not overly large so fills fairly quickly. So here's your chance to test out the theory - decide to dine at Montachet and see when you can get in! I can recommend the food!
Montrachet, 224 Given Terrace, Paddington. + 61 7 3367 0030
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