Saturday, 24 December 2011

Top 10 turkey tips - Eat Xmas

Cooking the Christmas turkey has to be one of the most stressful experiences of the year.

There's high expectations from plenty of family members, who usually don't hold back when it comes to comments, and boiling hot Xmas weather combined with a tricky job that only gets practised once a year.

Don’t burn the bird this Christmas; follow these 10 tips from Lenard’s and serve up a five-star meal that’s sure to impress the whole family.

1. Thaw turkey for 24hours per 2kg i.e. 4kg turkey will take 48hours to thaw

2. Always thaw in the lowest shelf of your fridge – NEVER on the bench top or sink

3. Tress the turkey (i.e. tie legs and wings together and put foil on the ends) to avoid the tips from burning

4. Place breast-side up on baking dish, and brush with oil/butter and seasoning

5. Cook for 45min per kilo (55min if stuffed) at 200°C for the first 30min, then at 175°C thereafter.

6. Cook uncovered on racked baking dish suspended above a small amount of water.

7. Once turkey/chicken is golden brown, cover with foil to prevent burning, and continue cooking time.

8. Don’t be a peeping tom – opening the oven door can result in uneven cooking!

9. For best results, carve using a sharp or electric knife

10. Store any leftover turkey in foil with seasoning removed

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