Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top ten Easter treats

"There's the Easter bunny flying past the window now." They were simple words, spoken in jest to two small children but the result was anything but expected.

The two-year-old went stiff with fear that a giant flying bunny might invade her house, while the six-year-old sobbed because we were going to shut the Easter bunny out and he was wouldn't get his chocolate.

It was sorted by placing the Easter bunny's nest outside the securely locked front door. Both children rushed to the door on Easter Sunday to happily find their eggs.

The children are all grown up now but they still get Easter eggs from mum and they certainly look forward to them.

Here's my top ten treats for Easter

1.  Egg shaped cupcakes

It's well known that I love cupcakes and when these turned up at my front door I was very pleased. Carla Burns of Vanilla Pod at Ascot won't say how she made her cupcakes egg-shaped but she will say they are very popular so order ahead if you want some. $25 for six. Vanilla Pod.

2 Simmel cake

Simnel cake is a light spicy fruit cake covered in marzipan, sort of the Easter equivalent to a Christmas cake. Judy C have traditional Simmel cakes and sugar plums in pink, yellow and green. Look out also for their Easter cup cake which has a chocolate noodle nest on top with little Easter egg in the nest. Judy C

3 Hot cross brownies

Another reason to eat Dello Mano brownies (as if we needed one), they have special Easter egg-shaped brownies and Hot Cross brownies. Dello Mano

4 Easter cake pops

Easter cake pops perfect alternative for someone who just wants a bite-sized Easter treat, and even though they are small, they are satisfying.  Vanilla Pod

5 White chocolate bunnies

Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique at the Barracks, Petrie Terrace, has launched a white Callebaut couverture chocolate range for Easter for the first time is almost 30 years of operation. Their new white chocolate Easter range includes soldier bunnies ($4), small bunnies ($10), medium roosters ($15), large sitting bunnies ($30) and mini solid eggs laced with popping candy ($6 for a bag of four) all handcrafted using Callebaut white couverture chocolate. Bittersweet

6 Pralus Cubissime

Steve Sheldon of Monty's Chocolates (pictured above with the biggest egg around) says the Pralus Cubissime is the perfect treat to share amongst the family.  It's a sold cube of praline with crushed hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios, coasted with 75 per cent dark chocolate and coated with gold leaf.  Steve has plenty of other treats to suit all budgets. Monty's Chocolates
7  Handmade Candy Eggs

I'm pleased candy eggs have staged a return.  I remember them from my childhood. These gluten free eggs are hand made and come in seven different candy flavours. They range from $35-$39. Vanilla Pod

9 Bunny ears

Lindt have a huge range of goodies at Easter but these bunny ears are amongst my faves.  And I don't mind the egg that comes with them.

8 Easter high tea

Don’t be late for a very important date! Stamford PlazaBrisbane, Edward Street, CBD, has turned their lobby into Mad Hatter’s High Tea wonderland for the first week of April (April 2 – 8) with the sweet sound of lobby strings, chilled bubbles and a selection of fine teas. Tasty treats include white chocolate rabbits, queen of hearts jam tarts and eat me cupcakes. The high tea is available daily from 3-5pm at a cost of $45 for adults and $30 for children. Book on 3221 1999.

10 Oops - could only think of 9 - Sorry

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