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Cupcake Gallery 2010

2010 in a cupcake!

Here's a pictorial record of the best of the cupcakes I have tasted in 2010.  It's long, and therefore a bit scary when you add the calories, but worth every bite.

I've only recorded the best here - those that were not worth the calories have been discarded.

Over 40 cupcakes for your viewing pleasure.

Inspired by Steph's comment at the end, I'm asking you to select your fav from the list and guess mine!

Christmas Day dessert

I'm a big fan of the traditional plum pud with extra ice cream, cream and custard, did I say more cream and custard?

My grandmother Ruby was a great cook and always made the plum pudding properly with the threepences baked in.  Sadly, she's no longer with us so over the years we have been known to fake it by pushing the money in after cooking or even (hope you are not reading Ruby) into a bought plum pud. But my Dad said it was never the same and of course he was right.

But a recent calorie count comparison has made me suggest a mango mousse for Christmas lunch this year.  I don't want to spoil your Christmas by telling you how many calories are in each mouthful of Xmas pud but don't go back for seconds.  To make things even worse, Mince tarts (another fave) are top of the calorie list.

So it's mango mousse trifle, which includes a liberal dose of my favourite Bundaberg Rum this year and here's the recipe! Enjoy. Mango Mousse Trifle

Shopping for Christmas goodies

It was one of those days that we Brisbanites describe as a 'stinker'. Hot and sweaty - with not a breeze in sight.

Luckily I spent the morning on an air conditioned bus touring Brisbane's foodie haunts with a group of fellow food lovers.

Organised by The Courier-Mail food writer Natashca Mirosch, the tour took us around inner Brisbane in a whirl wind of tasting. 

Christmas in a box

What better way to start the weekend than with a delivery of gourmet goodies?

When a Friday in a Box arrived on my doorstep full of Elixir Coffee, Limar Nougat, This Relish, Dukkah, Coolanuna Olive Oil, Suncoast Limes Lime Salt, a flash linen tea towel and topped with a Singapore orchid I thought it was Christmas!

Tasty bits from bmag December 14

What's in season

Brisbane Produce Market fresh produce report: 14 December 2010

There are plenty of sweet tasting peaches, yellow fleshed nectarines and apricots on the shelves this week but eat them quickly if you want it to be the best quality.

Wilson plums are also tasty but nearing the end of their short season.

Sake Explained

Sake Restaurant & Bar, Eagle Street, Brisbane.

There’s a warmth and a simple wooden elegance about Saké, one of the new additions to the Eagle Street Pier dining precinct, which is both inviting and relaxing.
Established only a year in Sydney, Saké has attracted a coveted Chef’s Hat and loyal fan base. Now Brisbane has its own Saké with a chic designer setting modelled on its Sydney sibling and an outstanding à la carte menu created by Executive Chef Shaun Presland.
Head Chef Shinichi Maeda drawing on his extensive knowledge of regional produce to deliver a sensational bar menu and seasonal additions to the main menu. Shinichi spent seven years as Executive Chef at Wasabi, Noosa.

Bavarian Bier Cafe, Eagle Street, Brisbane

"Das is sehr gut!" is the only appropriate comment regarding the latest addition to Brisbane's newly revamped Eagle Street Pier.
Upstairs, with a view over the river that would make even Aria's patrons slightly green, the Bavarian Bier Cafe offers office workers and those looking for fast and hearty food a very pleasant place to consume it. 

Ave Cucina & Café, Eva St, Coorparoo

We cheered for them on “My Kitchen Rules” and now the dream has come true.
Veronica and Shadi Abraham have opened their own restaurant in suburban Coorparoo, showcasing their family style food which encompasses their Italian/Lebanese heritage.
Just as it was on the show, family is very important in the restaurant with everyone lending a hand. Normally an ocean of checked pants and white jackets, the kitchen on opening night was full of women decked out in their finery for the opening, putting the finishing touches on the food before it hit the floor.

A Brisbane market Christmas

If you'd rather buy your veggies straight from the source or just purchase something different than you see on the shelves at the big chain stores Jan Power’s Farmers Markets will have lots to interest you, especially for Christmas.

The marketeers at Mitchelton, New Farm, Queen Street Mall and Manly are gearing up for their best Christmas ever.

“This year market shoppers seem to be going for a simpler, old fashioned festive season,” said Jan. “The emphasis is on a few high quality products presented beautifully rather than a big over the top feast.”

Cat poo coffee in Bali

That got your attention –didn’t it! 
It’s not as bad as it sounds and I can say that from personal experience.  Yes, I’ve drunk and enjoyed kopi luwak on several occasions, in both Australia and Bali.
What’s it like? Well very smooth with a well-rounded flavour, certainly easy to drink.  If it was cheaper I am sure I would have lined up for more. 

Who wants chocolate for Christmas?

Christmas is one of those times of the year when it's sorta healthy to let go a little, forget counting every calorie, and just enjoy the good life.

And if you are going to enjoy the good life, do it in style with chocolates that really are worth every calorie from Bittersweet.

Bittersweet have been creating handcrafted chocolates to entice and indulge Brisbane’s foodies for over 25 years. Sadly, the power house behind the brand, Ann Atkinson, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in March this year leaving behind a devastated family and an iconic chocolate boutique.

Treacle, Grange

I’m a golden syrup girl but I have been known to expand my repertoire and dip into the dark sticky sweetness of treacle when required. 
Treacle tart with Queensland roasted macadamia nut vanilla ice cream caught my eye from my first quick perusal of the menu at Treacle on Days Road at the Grange.(Yes, you caught me; I was reading the desserts first!)
Treacle is the brain child of executive chefs and owners Richard Gardner and Shenyia Laverack.Their menu takes advantage of seasonal and local produce offering a modern Australian flavour with a few innovative twists. The wine list features both Australian and New Zealand wines. 

Mango Mousse Trifle recipe

Prawns, mango, barramundi and bugs, it's hard to get any more Queensland than that according to the members of the Taste for the Love of Cooking Cooking Club.

It's a group that meets regularly and shares recipes on a theme. November's theme was Queensland and I was one of the judges.  My pick was Coral McKillop's Mango Mousse Trifle on three counts - it's a dessert (I love dessert), it includes mango and Coral included Bundaberg Rum - another favourite!

Here's the recipe -


2 large or 3 medium ripe mangoes grated rind 1 lemon and 1 orange
2/3rd cup sugar
1 Tablespoon gelatine
1/3rd cup water
1 cup cream
1 egg-white
1 20cm sponge cake
1 to 2 Tablespoons rum mixed with 1/4 cup milk
1 extra mango
passionfruit pulp (optional)
extra whipped cream

Peel mangoes and put fruit and juice into blender/processor; blend to a puree or mash until smooth. Place in bowl and add orange and lemon rind and sugar; stir until sugar dissolves.
Sprinkle gelatine over…

Cupcakes at Comfort At My Table, Milton

The search for the perfect cupcake took me back to Comfort at My Table this week and I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for.

Tasty bits from bmag December 1

Join the Rosé Revolution

Long hot summers and rosé go hand-in-hand throughout Europe and the Mediterranean coast so why, in Brisbane where the climate is similar, is rosé considered an odd choice?

Try to get a group of friends to share a bottle next time you are out at dinner and you'll see what I mean.

Light and cool, rosé is a great choice and a wonderful match with many meals but it's hard to break old patterns.