Saganaki Prawns from Kingfisher Bay - recipe

Prawns are in abundance at the moment and while I like eating them just plain with a little lemon juice and a fresh baguette, this recipe sounds really interesting.

It comes from Kingfisher Bay which is located on beautiful Fraser Island.  If you haven't been to Fraser you must put it on your bucket list.

Here's why

Kingfisher Bay Resort Chef’s Saganaki Prawns

Serves 2

Bush-style sizzling saganaki king prawns pan fried in garlic and olive oil, finished with white wine and fresh feta cheese.

10x green prawns
40g diced onion
40g Fetta cheese
10g Minced garlic
160 ml white wine
200ml Bush tomato nap (traditional Napoli sauce with added dried bush tomato)


Sauté onions and garlic add prawns then deglaze with white wine. Divide ingredients between two dishes and finish with bush tomato nap and fetta cheese.

Chef’s Bush Nap

100g onion
20g garlic
100g white wine
2L crushed tomatoes
100ml balsamic vinegar
50g brown sugar
150g bush tomato (dried)

Sauté 100g onion and 20g garlic, deglaze with 100g white wine - reduce down and add 2L crushed tomatoes. Turn heat down and let cook out for 2 hours and then add 100ml of balsamic vinegar and 50g of brown sugar. Blitz and add 150g of bush tomato. Season with salt and pepper. (This will make 2L of nap - which can be stored in the fridge) Ingredients can be reduced proportionately to make less sauce.

Bush Tomato - Also called "Desert Raisin" or "Akudjura", this small berry is collected by Aborigines in the central desert region of Australia and is related to the tomato family, tasting of Tamarillo and Caramel. Use to make chutney or chilli jam, in tom yum, or with red meats and jus. Bush Tomato is also excellent with prawns or seafood or, for a bush twist, try a bush-infused Bloody Mary.

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Bottom line: Fraser Island is a bucket list destination
Best tip: Try the bush food menu at Seabelle at Kingfisher Bay.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK has visited Fraser previously as a guest of the resort.