How fresh can it get? Straight from the fisherman at Shorncliffe!

"I'd have to kill you if I told you that," he says with a smile.

But in the next breath he reveals that the kilo of bright red bay prawns being loaded into my plastic bag were caught somewhere between here (Sinbad Street, Shorncliffe) and Mud Island in Moreton Bay.

Don't know where Shorncliffe is?  It's a neighbouring suburb to Sandgate down on Brisbane's beautiful bayside.  It's worth a day trip for breakfast, lunch or a picnic by the sandy beaches.  The waves are small and perfect for young children.

Fisherman rarely like to divulge their secrets and this episode was no exception to the rule, but I walked away happy in the knowledge I had spoken with the man who caught the catch.

My shopping bag was filled with thick juicy calamari strips ready to be turned into salt 'n pepper calamari and some sweet little whiting fillets that will be a perfect dinner for two - all for $30!

There's plenty of room to pull up along side the stalls and you can see the trawlers moored just behind in the creek.  There's a steady flow of cars pulling up with people purchasing from who ever is selling on the day.

Best tip: Once they sell out, they clear out, so get there early.  I was there around 11am and stocks were running low.
Bottom line: Fresh and well priced - $15 for a kilo of prawns.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for this seafood.