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Top 10 breakfasts in Brisbane

Breakfast out, particularly on the weekend, really seems to start the day off well.

Even those non morning people are okay after a good coffee and there's plenty of great conversation happening around town over breakfast.

The other good thing about breakfast is that you know you're not going to be spending much more than $20 a person, including your coffee, unless you are really looking for a coffee hit.

So here's my 10 top places to enjoy breakfast within the Brisbane area - no particular order.  Please share your favourites in the comments section below.

Updated June 2014

1. Shouk, Paddington

Shouk's new style of breakfast options have found a ready audience amongst Brisbane's food lovers.  You only need to look at the plate to discover why but the food certainly tastes as good as it looks.

My pick: (top photo) Latke stack with poached egg - crisp Polish pancakes sandwiches with creme fraiches topped with premium ham and surrounded by pretty pickled red onion and dill.

2. Elixir Coffee, Stafford

It's all about the coffee here as the ambience is industrial and busy. But the coffee more than makes up for it and the breakfast menu has good options with both healthly and indulgent choices.

My pick - Breakast burrito - streaky bacon, three friend eggs, cheese, mushrooms, baby spinach and house-made tomato relish.

3. Comfort At My Table, Milton  

It's hard to get a park near here on weekdays but much easier on the weekend.

My pick - Nim's eggs.

4. Ole, South Bank

I can't get enough jamon. Ever! That is all.

My pic: Huevos y jamon - poached eggs, freshly shaved jamón, spinach and homemade hashbrown.

5. Corner Store, Toowong

Still has corner store charm but also good food.  Check out the veggie garden at the back.

My pick: Baked bean toastie, leg ham, gruyre, poached eggs.

6. Lure on Latrobe, Paddington

Always busy on weekends with a queue running down the street.

My pick - Breakfast trifle.

7. Annouk, Paddington

Maybe it's because it's a little Frenchy, but this cafe consistently rates highly as a breakfast venue.  Just ask the people standing in the queue.

My pick - French toast with mascarpone and cream

8. Cliffs Cafe, Kangaroo Point

Sometimes it's the view that gets me in and this place has view in spades.

My pick:  Sweet corn fritters with poached free-range eggs, crème fraiche`, baby spinach salad & spicy tomato salsa.

9. Querk Wilston
This is a mix of all sorts but great food and a has friendly, welcoming vibe.

My pick: Smashed avo on sourdough.

10.  Willow and Spoon, Alderley

There's something very Queensland about sitting in cool, dim light on a patchy concrete floor surrounded by a forest of white painted concrete stumps and rabbit warren of multi-level, makeshift rooms - and then there's the fabulous food.

My pick: Willow Bacon+ Eggs with watermelon & mint granita

And more..

  • John MacDonald of Palatable Partners suggests Pompidou Cafe, Riding Road, Balmoral.

Where do you suggest we try?

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