Cook4Me – yes please! + giveaway valued at $349.95

At first I was afraid, I was petrified!

Kept thinking I could never let this monster inside my kitchen. But then I spent so many nights wishing my dinner would cook quicker so I could eat earlier and I grew strong and learned how to get along with pressure cookers!

It all goes back to five-year-old me sitting at the kitchen table while the old fashioned pressure cooker burbling along on the stove top.  In an instant the world changed as the jiggler steam suddenly turned into a loud hissing stream and my mother ran frantically to the stove to fix it.  No, it didn’t explode, but I was scared.

Flick forward more than a few years and I’ve decided to be as strong at Gloria Gaynor and try pressure cookers again.  My first purchase was a Breville Fast Slow Cooker and it did everything I asked of it but then I was offered a Tefal Cook4Me and I’m deep in love.

Tefal say this cooker is quite revolutionary and I have to agree. It does just what the name, Cook4Me, says and cooks a huge range of things (vegetables, soup, meat, fish, rice, grains, desserts- you get the idea!) with 85 pre-programmed, built-in recipes. A screen on the Cook4Me tells you exactly what you need with step-by-step instructions. It’s a no brainer really.

Want to use your own recipes?  Just use the manual setting and it’s all under your control allowing you to choose steaming, browning or rapid cooking.

I found the pre-programmed recipes a great way to get to know how the appliance works and refine my pressure cooking techniques and expectations.

Over 65 per cent of the pre-programmed recipes cook in 11 minutes or less and all recipes use six ingredients or less so it’s an awesome gadget for those nights when you need to whip up something quickly. Basically, the key benefit is time saving and ease- it’s all about making quality food without needing to be a master chef.

There’s even an Ingredient specific mode: Tell the Cook4Me what ingredients you are putting in and it will automatically choose the temperature and cooking time based on what you’ve put in (e.g. 500g veggies with rice).

Another thing I really like is that Cook4Me automatically releases the pressure when it has finished cooking. It is really very simple and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Here’s a quick video that Tefal have developed which explains how it works -

Cook4Me is my best friend now, especially after it saved me when I was making K2’s birthday dinner.  I wanted to cook lamb shanks but got caught up working on a last minute story deadline and didn’t get them in the oven for a nice, slow roast.  Cook4Me did the shanks in an hour and even my not-mother-in-law was impressed.

Would you like one?  I’ve got one Cook4Me (rrp $349.95), courtesy of Tefal to give away.

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Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  The Tefal Cook4Me has been supplied to me by Tefal.