Chocolate crunch cake - recipe

Want to celebrate the royal wedding but not up to making a multi-tiered fruit cake with flowers of the four home nations and the couple’s initials?

Make wedding cake number two instead!   Chocolate crunch cake is William’s favourite and just too easy.

It is seriously rich though, so this cake will feed the multitudes.  Nigella Lawson describes it as a simple but tasty pudding.

I thought it looked a bit plain when finished which is why I popped a flower on top.  You could do something fancy with white chocolate or chocolate swirls for a great effect.  I’d also recommend serving it with a raspberry coulis and/or some whipped cream for drama and to break it up a bit.  (It’s a lot of chocolate).

Chocolate crunch cake

    * 4oz/110g margarine/butter
    * 300g milk chocolate
    * 400g tin condensed milk
    * Large packet of rich tea biscuits or digestives or half of each
    * (Optional) 15 Glace cherries (chopped) (I added more because I like them)
    * 2oz raisins (I added more here as well because I like them)
    * variety chopped nuts ( I used pecans)


   1. In a large bowl crush the biscuits, or even crush them your own way

   2. In the bowl stir into the biscuits: the cherries, raisins and nuts
   3. Melt together in a pan the margarine, condensed milk and half the bar of chocolate

   4. Pour the chocolate mixture over the biscuit mixture. Stir well until the crushed biscuits are all coated

   5. Line a tin, basin, OR box with greaseproof or parchment paper. Pour the mixture into it
   6. Freeze for at least 2 hours or until needed. When needed take out and leave for 2 hours
   7. Melt the remaining chocolate and spread on the top of the cake

   8. Cut into pieces and serve