Search for the perfect brekkie - Salt, Rosalie

I'll start this one by declaring my interest straight up - my son works here - okay! I think the food is great, particularly when it's served by my son, something he never showed me he could do at home. I've spoken to many people and this restaurant does have a strong following, so I'm not totally biased.

My last dining experience there was for my daughter's birthday and was just great. They made a bit of a fuss on her plate which added a nice touch.

Some background - Salt is a relaxed, open style restaurant in the busy strip at Rosalie. It can be hard to find a park and it's definitely best to book if you want a table at peak times.

The restaurant was taken over by Mario, who has a long history in the industry, earlier this year. It's running smoothly and many of the old staff are still there which I think is a good sign - Hi to Jay in the kitchen!

Okay - down to business. My search for the perfect brekkie revolves around a constant bacon, egg and tomato combo.  Salt's version - the Salt Breakfast - is poached or scrambled eggs, honey roasted bacon, honey roasted bacon, port jus and toasted turkish bread.

At $16.90 it's not a cheap brekkie but a complimentary coffee on weekdays makes it a really good deal, and it tastes so good I'd pay that on the weekend anyhow. I liked the way the eggs were presented in little bowls so the yolks didn't run into anything I didn't want them to. There was lots of really great bacon and the toasted turkish bread came in fingers which you could dip into the eggs if you wanted to.  The port jus was very dark and rich and a great contrast to the fresh taste of the eggs. 

Birthday gals' choice was the caramelised banana pancakes with double cream and ice cream $14.90.  I've had this dish before and it's one of my favourites, but then I am a caramel tragic.

Also on my list to try is the Cyprian grilled haloumi with diced seasoned avocado, sheep's milk fetta, salt and pepper tomato salsa, toasted turkish pide and parmesan infused olive oil $14.90. Or the seasoned three cheese omelette with brie, shaved parmesan and fetta, mixed green leaves and toasted pide.  $19.90.

The coffee here is always good (not just because my son makes it) and you can get takeaways (coffee) as well.

Find Salt at  2/5 Nash St, Rosalie,  3367 0775

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