Granite Belt Growers Market

I'll be heading to Brisbane's South Bank on Sunday morning for the first South Bank Growers market which is showcasing the gourmet delights of the Granite Belt. Top of my list will be fresh juicy apples from the Suttons and a bottle of their new apple syrup to try on my ricotta pancakes, some cheeses from the new Granite Belt Dairy and olives from Mount Stirling Olives (just love their olives bottled in raspberry vinegar). I'm also keen to try Ecoprama's marinated tofu which captured my attention at Noosa recently. If my mates, Ewen and Elissa Macpherson from Symphony Hill are there, I'll grab some of their wines and head home for a gourmet lunch made with the freshest produce around! The markets open at 10am and there's plenty of parking underneath.