They came and they conquered

Sunday's South Bank Growers' Market was a great success with some stalls sold out by 11am after a 10am start! People were queuing up outside the most popular stalls which included Granite Belt Dairy, LiraH Vinegars and Symphony Hill Wines. I tasted and bought some delicious soft white brie from Granite Belt Dairy.

Ecoprama's tofu was sold out very early so I'll have to head to Wray Organics at Newmarket to pick up some. The Suttons were still busy selling apple juice. Do taste their apple brandy and grappa - both pack a punch!

Vineyard Cottages were there with bags of limes, raspberry jam and delicious muesli - more on that tomorrow.

There was plenty of parking underneath Southbank but a big back mark to the SouthBank Corporation for the $15 entry fee. This is more expensive than the Myer Centre ($12.50) on Sunday. Judging by the turn around of cars, this policy is boosting the coffers considerably but is not at all family friendly for a family-orientated destination.

The stall holders were very enthusiastic about the day - stay tuned for an update on the next event.

UPDATE - The markets will probably be held on a seasonable basis. Check for more information.