Shot of Granite Belt Spice

Bridging the gap between city and country, the third South Bank Growers Market will showcase fresh gourmet delights from the Granite Belt region on Sunday November 16 with over 40 stalls flaunting farm fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses and wine.

Sri Lankan born Val Rence from Shot of Spice has been blending her homemade curry spices she was a child with family recipes passed onto her by her parents. Val also incorporates produce from the Granite Belt into her dry curry powders and wet curry pastes.

The dry curry powder is gluten free and has no heat in it so it can be used for those who love the taste of curry but not the heat. You can always add chilli if you like. The wet curry paste incorporates chilli and is ideal for convenient, quick curries. All you do is marinate and sauté with coconut milk for a delicious home cooked curry. There's also a date and lemon chutney as well as an eggplant savoury delight.

Apart from the Farmer's Markets, Shot of Spice is available at several outlets in Stanthorpe and Village Meat in Rosalie.

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