Snaps to Peter Howard

From the man who gave us ABC days (anything but chardonnay days) we now have 'carrot footprint'. In a play on carbon footprint, Peter neatly encapsulated the advantages of eating local at the launch of the Granite Belt's new Nude Food Trail.

"For too long we've considered it progress to buy peaches or strawberries out of season. Actually, it is a madness to pay a premium for food that has probably travelled great distances. Not only is taste impaired, but the 'carrot footprint' with some of these items is incredible."

Peter says start eating seasonally, buy local and do your body and your wallet a favour. I can't help but agree! Congratulations Peter Howard!

Congratulations also to locavore Alison Walsh for her persistance in sticking to a 100 mile diet for the whole familyas outlined in her story in today's QWeekend magazine. Along with Natascha Mirosch, Alison was inspired by the book 'The 100-mile Diet' by Canadians Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon. So glad that I wasn't invited to dinner at their place in the middle of British Columbia's long winter when there was only potatoes and cabbage on the menu!

Natasacha Mirosch wrote about her journey in her Degustation blog. I shared her angst over lunch one day as she lamented about some items that were impossible to find.

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