Salt opens at night!

At the risk of becoming a little Salt centric, I have to report that Salt at Rosalie is now opening at night. This will disappoint fans of Sings next door who will have to wait longer for a table, but Salt fans are rejoicing at the prospect of enjoying their favourite dishes at night. I recently sampled the crispy duck's breast with soba noodles and enjoyed it, while my very fussy partner was raving about the salmon with mashed tatties and his favourite asparagus - a nine he said!

Dessert, always too hard to resist at Salt, was equally fab. My choice of white chocolate pancakes was a real sweet tooth treat - pancakes with white chocolate inside and pouring chocolate to go over the top from new owner Mario Perna's personal list. My partner's chocolate pudding with choc pouring sauce went down equally as well.

Pop down and see for yourself - soon.

Find it at 5 Nash St, Paddington p 3367 0775