Lunch at Ikea

I'm on a bit of a post Christmas decorating theme, so today I headed for Ikea. Of course it was lunch time when we got there so I decided to try the cafe. Just like the cafe at Freedom Furniture, the prices were a most pleasant surprise- ham and salad wraps for $3.95. Banking on Ikea's Swedish heritage, I decided to try the gravad lax at $5.95. It was reasonable with a good amount of salmon, even if it was a little lacking in flavour. The coffee was the main disappointment. The bitter brew was produced by one flick of a switch on a large machine - no prizes for this one.

The total for lunch for two was $18.18 which included a bottle of water and a milk drink.

I'm not the only one who has noticed the good value. Entire extended families were seated at some of the large round tables (which even had tablecloths). Some diners even looked like they were enjoying a glass of wine with their 'Sunday Lunch'.

You find Ikea on the highway at Slacks Creek.
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