Ultimate last minute Easter present - Guilt free chocolate massage

It's been a while, but I still remember the delicious chocolate aroma of this massage. It's a great Easter gift for those who love chocolate but not the calories. And for those challenged by time, it's also available as a gift voucher making it the perfect last minute Easter pressie!

And Ripple has now branches around Australia!

Here's my experience -

It’s more than eight hours since I was pampered in massage heaven and I still can smell chocolate!

Not only do I feel relaxed and refreshed but the chocolate indulgence was guilt free! How, you ask?

The magic of Tara arrived at my front door (yes, I didn’t even have to leave the house), courtesy of Ripple Massage. She brought everything with her and even lugged the whole lot up to my first floor bedroom for my ultimate cocooned comfort.

The lights were dimmed and with serene music in the background, Tara covered with me warmed chocolate oil from head to toe to melt away stress and relax muscles. Bliss.

Alison Shaw from Ripple came up with the chocolate massage idea after discovering the technique in a small day spa in Barcelona, Spain. She decided to include a couple of chocolates with the massage to satisfy that overwhelming urge to eat chocolate at the same time. I’m proud to say I resisted and saved mine for after.

The two hour chocolate massage ($185) includes a full body exfoliation to polish your skin with walnut, tangerine and lime scrub followed by a full body aromatherapy massage with warmed chocolate. There’s also a foot reflexology massage, peppermint and lime scented foot soak and foot scrub, organic green clay and cucumber cleansing face mask, hot steamed towels and moisturiser. At the end there’s chocolate lotion and gift of chocolates.

Ripple’s mobile day spa service is available in the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and Melbourne regions. You can choose from Russian, Hot Stone and Sea Shell Massage plus beauty treatments such as spray tanning, exfoliation and heavenly facials. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, but it’s not.

Find out more at 0438 567 906 or www.ripplemassage.com.au

PS - Forgot to say how good it is not to have to get dressed up and drive home after a massage. Pure bliss just to relax at home and not face the world.