When one is enough!

It's not often that I would willingly say that one chocolate is enough - that it satisfies the craving. But today I did. I've discovered the sort of chocolates that are worth the calories. So full of flavour that you're left thinking about the taste long after the evidence has disappeared.

Where are these gems you say? Monty's Chocolates at Paddington is where they can be found. Monty's owner Steve Sheldon imports these goodies by Coppeneur direct from Germany. The flavours I chose were cactus fig, pomegranate, mandarin, cranberry, lavender wild berry and bourbon vanilla.

Of course Monty's has lots of other chocolates that are delicious. Take the time to browse the shelves and you are sure to be tempted. It's also worth checking out the other shops in the strip which include gift/clothing store Green Tangerine and the Paddington Antique Centre.

Monty's Chocolates, 155 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. ph 3369 3135.