Le Bon Choix

Last time I walked into this building at the pointy end of Queen Street it was a bank. Now it looks decidedly French and way too tempting.

It was Jodie's recommendation that send me on the hunt which revealed not only delicious hot chocolate but also a great muffin.

Priced at $4, the hot chocolate was not only very good but very reasonable, rich and thick with a full chocolate flavour. It didn't come with marshmallows but they certainly weren't necessary. The hot chocolate expert gave it 8/10.

The chocolate muffin was studded with delicious choc bits but still lacked a little flavour - 7/10. The texture was good but a little dry.

But the real delight was the pain au chocolat which was light, crispy with a rich, moist chocolate filling - everything you could hope for!

I've been told the baguettes are particularly good here and there's also a good range of sweet treats. It's definitely a place to check out but not if you work close by, as it might be too hard to resist regular visits. And people tell me there's another one of these on Racecourse Road - I may consider moving....

Le Bon Choix
379 Queen St
Brisbane 3229 9260


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