Melbourne - Exhibitions

Wow, Melbourne – love the place. Yes it's cold (but it is winter), yes the weather has been schizophrenic (sun, rain, wind, sun – all in an hour, constantly) but wow the food is fabulous and there's much of interest to see and do.

Here's my take-


Dali – showing at the National Gallery Victoria.

Really enjoyed this very extensive showing of Dali's works. What an inspired, intelligent and crazy man. There was more than enough to look and wonder at and some creative displays (loved the room padded with red velvet cushions. We visited on a Saturday afternoon which I later found out was a record attendance. It certainly felt crowded and it was hard to see some of the works because of the sheer crush of people. A little crowd control would have been a good idea. Also many people brought their small children and babies. What three-year-old wants to sit in their pram quietly for an hour or more with nothing to see but people's legs? Not many, it would seem, most voice their displeasure, even the babies. Nuf said.

Bottom line – great exhibition but don't visit on a weekend. Do pre buy your tickets on line and jump to the head of the queue. Don't miss the amazing leadlight ceiling.

Pompeii – showing at the Museum of Victoria

My 'How and Why Wonder Book of Pompeii' was a childhood favourite so I was excited by the prospect of this exhibition. It was an interesting look at the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Pomepii with some amazing artifacts and plenty of photos and plans. The one thing missing was the human element, how the people of the city felt before and after. They were not given a voice at all, instead it was a very academic and no doubt politically correct show. Shame. I wanted to feel the earth move! It's also a lot smaller than Dali.

Bottom line – Well worth seeing but don't expect the human element. Do book online and miss the queue. Shop at the end has some great Pompeii jewellery.

Stay tuned - markets and food to come...