Search for the perfect cupcake - Little Cupcakes

Wednesday is cupcake day on Eat, Drink and be Kerry - so cupcake hunting was on the list for my recent trip to Melbourne.

When I first walked into Little Cupcakes in Degraves Street, Melbourne, it was only for a look as it was before breakfast! The bench was filled with tiny cupcakes being beautifully decorated – so hard to walk out without one!

Little Cupcakes is a tiny but cute little shop with a French provincial style interior and just enough room for three, tightly packed tables outside in Degraves Street, one of Melbourne's very cute lane ways, filled with places to eat and shop.

We came back, of course, and bought a four-pack for $8. Individual tiny cupcakes cost $2.50 each. Mint, white chocolate, red velvet and mocha were our four choices. Each was carefully placed into a neat little box with spacers to stop them from marking. These small but incredibly satisfying bites were a delicious combination of moist cake and smooth, creamy icing. The red velvet was very similar to the one I've sampled at Poppy Cakes at Emporium in the Valley, Brisbane. Very moreish so I'm glad there were only four!

Little Cupcakes, 7 Degraves Street, Melbourne. 03 9077 0413

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