Search for the perfect cupcake - More Judy C

A visit to JudyC's Ashgrove shop is not recommended for those on a diet - there are just too many good things to resist.

I tried three cupcakes. The red cherry topped cake is a moist, dense but not too heavy sponge with a light creamy icing which is a good foil.

The peppermint cupcake is green all the way through with a lingering, refreshing peppermint flavour. It's also dotted throughout with choc chips and there are choc flakes on the peppermint icing on top.

The marshmallow topped cupcake was marbled pink inside the dense, moist cake which had a subtle marshmallow flavour.

Judy says the secret behind her cupcakes is good butter and vanilla. And that oh so smooth icing? Judy whips it steadily for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the mix so that the butter lightens in colour and the mixture becomes light and fluffy.

Born into a family of cake makers, JudyC has been decorating cakes for 18 years and it is her passion. Judy's cakes not only look amazing but they are delicious on the inside as well. The cakes are baked on premises daily by small team of pastry chefs and quality decorators.

JudyC cupcakes are available at all Bar Merlo coffee shops, Olive Grove Kenmore, Global Fine Foods Ashgrove, Veneziano West End, Monty's Chocolates Paddington and the Caddy Shack at Victoria Park Golf Course. Some of Judy's special cupcakes are only available direct from her.

Shop 1/227 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove.
p 3366 9111

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