Search for the perfect cupcake - Nourish

Listen up all you cupcake addicts - Wednesday is now cupcake day on Eat Drink and be Kerry!

I'm going to scour Brisbane for the best cupcakes available and I'd like your suggestions on where to go.

My visit to Nourish was inspired by two cupcake twitter queens @CITYPUBLICITY @MarissaTree with further encouragement from @Princess_Zo. I am holding you all personally responsible should my cupcake intake exceed my gym calorie expenditure! There will be consequences!

But how could I resist the temptation of visiting Nourish when it was touted as better than Poppy Cakes! After sampling the wares, I'm not totally sure this is true as the Poppy Cake cupcakes are a different style, but I am sure that Nourish is a place for cupcake lovers to visit and enjoy.

It's been open five months today and is run by sisters Vanessa and Carlie Oram. They are using their grandmother's recipes and boy, she must have been one heck of a cook. These are cupcakes like no other. The exceptional flavour comes from plain good cooking with a lot of love according to Vanessa who says she truly loves her job.

It was a hard choice but we tried Chocolate Devil, which has icing that tastes like uncooked chocolate cake mixture in a very good way, and Purist's Delight which reminded me of the fairy cakes my grandmother used to bake. Now she knew how to bake a sponge! The edible glitter was a definite winner.

The cake was moist and flavoursome, you could almost taste the real eggs and butter, and the butter icing a perfect compliment - not too sweet and delightfully moist.

The coffee is Australian Estate Coffee which hails from northern New South Wales. It's a light, flavoursome cup that compliments the cupcakes without overpowering them. A good choice. It's also roasted to order so it's very fresh.

Nourish has a minimum of seven varieties every day. On Thursday and Saturday look for Nanna's Orange Cake as well which is made with real orange juice and zest - none of that essence stuff.

Nourish does do high tea but you'll need to pre book as they don't normally carry the savoury items.

They also have some tiny cupcakes for just $1.50, which give a taste for those who don't want more. Go there and enjoy.

Nourish, Shop 3/68 Racecourse Road, Ascot. ph 3268 7774.
It's at the back of a courtyard strip shopping centre and there's parking out the front

Rating - Seriously good