Search for the perfect cupcake - Sweet

I've got to admit it. I think the Ferry Road Markets are probably one of my favourite places on the Gold Coast. It's the combo of good food, easy parking, great homewares and flowers, plus an atmosphere that makes me want to linger. Plus it's another option when you are on the coast for the foodie extravaganza - Tastes of the Gold Coast.

My cupcakes hunt took me back into Sweet (boy what was a tough ask, not) where I had to gaze on a carousel of cupcakes for several minutes before I could even begin to select some. I chose ones that are generally popular according to the very helpful person behind the counter, although the decorations change every day depending on the whims of the decorators, some with the attention to detail which only comes with Japanese flair!

Although Sweet has been here for a while the store has been recently acquired by Eric who is a pastry chef and chocolatier. The walls are lined with a great assortment of all types of sweets, including chocolates, but Eric will also be introducing his own brand soon.

The cupcakes are freshly made and there's plenty of flavour in the deliciously moist, traditional sponge style cake. Those who find cupcakes overly sweet will enjoy these variations.

Choc topped cupcake - this had very light, smooth buttery icing on a choc coloured sponge.
Rocky road - pieces of good rocky road anchored on top with a smooth, hard icing.

While you are at Sweet, make sure you check out the coated dried fruits, lollipops, liquorice, fruit jellies, nougat, tarts, mini Danish, pastries, muffins and brownies. And, yes, there is still more.

Bottom line: Good cupcakes and a shop (and centre) well worth a visit.

Ferry Rd Market
Brickworks Centre
107 Ferry Rd Southport