Coconut Jam - Anantara Koh Samui

Here's a little taste treat from the tropics. It has a flavour like coconut ice and is very rich, but use it sparingly and it is a real hit. I couldn't resist just spreading it toast but I'm sure you could be a lot more inventive.

It was a gift when I visited Anantara Koh Samui in Thailand during a recent holiday. This is a seriously lush resort with a spa that just begs to be sampled. It's on a long straight stretch of beach where we enjoyed dining on the night. Locals came past and sold us lanterns which flew up into the sky when they lit them. They carried our hopes and dreams, it was magical.

Just to introduce drool factor - I've included photos of the resort down below.

Samui Island Coconut Jam
Portion Yield: 800 GRM
200 gr. grated coconut flesh (Samui mountain coconut)
600 ml coconut milk
2 tbs fresh lime juice
100 ml coconut syrup*
250 gr. sugar

Using a blender, pulse the white coconut flesh until chopped into fine strands. Add the coconut milk to the flesh with the syrup, lime juice and the sugar simmer all ingredients together until it thickens into a smooth texture, this will be approx 30 minutes.

Chill and keep refrigerated in a sealed sterilised container

The secret ingredient - Coconut syrup is made from the coconut flower, which has a vanilla like aroma
If you can’t get coconut flower, then Chef recommends using palm sugar or a sugar a vanilla bean instead - just add it at the simmering stage of the recipe.

Anantara Koh Samui