Italian treats

In a week when I am diligently attending boot camp and working my 'a' off running up hills, boxing and doing push ups, the evil (in a good way) folk at Cibo decided to launch their new range of Italian delicacies by sending me some. DRAT!

The easy solution would have been not to open the door but once faced with a full cake box of treats the only answer was to try some while sharing with friends. So I did.

Unfortunately there was more trying than sharing (so hoping the boot camp trainers are not reading this - I'm not looking forward to wearing the loser t-shirt they hand out on Fridays) cause they were definitely yummy.

The range includes
  • sweet Torciglioni (brioche filled with an orange scented chocolate custard coasted with sugar and cinnamon), 
  • Brioche Viennese (sweet brioche bun soaked with Alkerries liqueur, filled with orange custard)
  • Panezerottie di ricotta (sweet bun filled and baked with sweet ricotta and dusted with icing sugar),
  • Fiori di mandorla (almond meal biscuits flavoured with lemon topped with icing sugar), 
  • Cedrini (soft outer almond casing filled with mazelnut, almonds, cedro and rich Dutch cocoa.
  • Crostata di fichi e mandorle (fig and almond tart)
  • Torta Giapponese - almond sponge, orange liqueur, zabaglione, melted dark chocoate and Dutch cocoa.

You can try them out at the Fieritalia Italian Festival on October 18 at New Farm Park. There are also some savoury items.

Cibo Espresso has three bars at New Farm, West End and Chermside, Brisbane.