Search for the perfect cupcake - Sweet Kiss

If you are a fan of the old fashioned type of cupcakes, these treats from Sweet Kiss will really hit your buttons. They are the perfect combination of luscious icing and well flavoured cake. So perfect in fact that regular customers tell owner and cook Aleta Skordou that they are better than cupcakes from the famed New York bakery, Magnolias!

Aleta is a perfectionist who still believes in the only way to make cupcakes is with real eggs and carefully sifted flour, love and care. It's the ooh and aaahs from her customers as they open the cupcake boxes that make her day and also get her up at midnight to bake for six hours so every cupcake has that 'just baked' taste.

Although she doesn't have a shop, Aleta does have a commercial kitchen at West End and bakes to order. Her cupcakes are stocked around town and you'll find them at Togninis at Spring Hill and Milton, Vinnies at Newmarket, Mary Ryan at Milton and Rosalie Gourmet Market.

I've sampled three of Aleta's cupcakes. The vanilla ones are truly delightful with a rich creamy icing balanced by a buttery cake with a unusual vanilla flavour which comes from the vanilla that Aleta has especially mixed and imports from France.  She's been making cupcakes for 20 years and this is one of her signature touches.

The moist chocolate cupcakes are another flavour sensation and are made with callebaut chocolate and also a touch of the secret ingredient - French vanilla.

My secret passion for burnt caramel was well satisfied by the cupcake sized burn caramel butter milk cakes.  The cake is fluffy and the icing has that sharp burnt taste. mmm...

Aleta also makes a passionfruit cupcake that includes strained juice and pulp which sounds delicious.

Bottom line: Hunt these cupcakes out and enjoy! They are very good.

Talk to Aleta on 3844 4457.