Search for the perfect cupcake - Vampire Cupcakes at Cafe Le Net

If you don't understand all the fuss about New Moon or think Twilight is just a time of day your

Lift your street cred with a quick trip to the movies to catch the latest vampire flick and satisfy those unnatural cravings with a vampire cupcake from Cafe Le Net at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown made by the lovely Lisa Magnus, priced at $3.50.

Like the movie, these cupcakes have a soft marshmallow exterior icing with the touch of otherworld fangs. Bite in deeply and you'll discover a luscious red berry centre hidden in the moist sponge cake.

Bottom line:  good cupcakes with a red twist (probably better than the movie)

Find them at Cafe Le Net next to the cinemas at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, 318 Moggill Rd
Indooroopilly. +61 7 3878 1679