All I want for Xmas- A massage from Ripple

Got someone difficult on your Christmas list? Chances are they would love a massage and even better, a massage that comes to them.

I also think a massage is a great pre holiday or post holiday present, particularly for those who fly. Airports and plane travel can quickly take the gloss off even the most wonderful trip. A massage restores energy to body parts that cramped by small seats and inactivity.

While I love any massage, putting clothes back onto an oiled body and walking through a shopping centre does take away some of the shine - much better to slip into something comfortable and relax in your own home.

That’s why I like Ripple Massages. The therapist comes to your home, hotel room or where ever and brings her own table. I’ve sampled many of the massages and even enjoyed a pedicure and manicure – delish – but I did especially enjoy a recent sea shell massage.

Ripple founder Alison Shaw has the tough job of tracking down new massages. She’s the one who discovered chocolate massages and she also offers a Vietnamese Four Hands Massage which I’ve heard is sensational.

But the sea shell massage is very different and totally relaxing. They use different shells, including speckled cowries, exquisite ginger scallops, lions paw fans and elegant sun dial shells, for different parts of the body.

The shells are used in a mix of ways. Some like the cowries are heated, and aromatherapy oils are poured into the crevasse to warm before being trickled onto the body. The smooth domed surface is also used with hands on massage to release muscles. The shells are used both to de stress and for deeper tissue work.

Other shells like the lions paws and scarlet coloured scallops are heated and placed on the body to warm the chakras and also the hands during the massage. Smaller more delicate sun dial and cockles are used to release lines in the face, whilst cones and olives unlock tension in the neck and shoulders.

Ripple has one and a half, two and three hour packages. Can’t tell you how good it feels to have three hours of pampering – just pure bliss! You’ll just have to try it.

I’m still burning the beautiful pear scented candle that was part of my goodie box of Ripple products.