Search for the perfect cupcake - Casa Gourmet

Lately, when I'm not dreaming of vibrant Bali sunsets viewed with a cocktail in hand, my mind turns to the delicious cupcakes I found at Casa Gourmet in Seminak Square, Seminak, Bali.

Walking into Casa Gourmet was like waking up in Oliver & Co or Zone Fresh in Bali. It is a very western style food market with everything from bread and meat to seafood and pantry staples.  For locals in need of a friendly food fix, when nothing but the old familiar will do, it would be heaven.

But it also had some nice style features that anyone could take on board to increase their dining experience offer. This included a little cup of small savoury shape biscuits in a cute Burbury paper container and also small shot glass of jasmine tea to follow my coffee.

The chocolate cupcake was flavoursome and moist with a hard, very choc icing decorated with Christmas sprinkles. All for the cost of 8500 rupiah or about 90 cents. The coffee was Black Canyon and good.  They also had an extensive juice menu with options that included banana and avocado juices - not sure I want to try the avocado juice!

One thing they could improve was the sandwich which unfortunately came with a spicy chilli mayo spread on all slices of bread - not to our taste at all. Sadly the rest of the sandwich was great but we couldn't cope with the combo. :(