Eateries at Sydney Airport

I’m very dubious about the concept of good food at an airport. Usually I find it is poor quality, overpriced and the surrounds are unappealing.

So it’s with a large grain of salt that I’m blogging this list of eateries at Sydney Airport.  Having spent more time than I care to remember in airport lounges waiting for delayed flights I think it’s worth a punt. At worst at least you’ll know what you’ll find, maybe even some of it will surprise you!  I’m told there are some newbies. Please note – I have not visited these eateries so let me know the best and the worst…

There are 20 eateries before Customs and plenty of eateries after Customs where you can find a meal ahead of a long journey. For those looking for an alternative to airline food, there is also an array of ‘grab & go’ options to take on board.

For what it’s worth – here’s an airport that’s actually worth visiting - Koh Samui, Thailand.

Sydney Airport  - before Customs
Danks Street Depot – One of Sydney’s dining and drinking establishments practicing sustainable and ethical principles in sourcing raw ingredients to create delicious and nutritious cuisine.

Sahara Grill – Renowned for serving up delicious home grown Turkish food for 20 years combining both modern-creative and traditional Turkish styles of cooking.

Bar Coluzzi – A landmark from Sydney’s Kings Cross with a reputation for great
coffee and light meals.

Asakaze –Japanese delicacies delivered on a sushi

Rossini Gastronomia – Italian offerings including arancinis,
calzone and pasta.

Rossini Gelateria – Showcasing the finest gelato, made from the freshest diary and perfectly ripe Australian fruit.

After Customs…..
Seafood Bar - Caviar House & Prunier –This internationally renowned restaurant opened for the first time in Australia at Sydney Airport in December.

Trattoria Prego – Classic Italian flare including an extensive eat in menu and deli options.

Itacho Sushi Bar – “Itacho” meaning highest rank master sushi chef, offers travellers an authentic Japanese dining experience as well as grab & go packs.

Bambini Wine Room – The Bambini Wine Room continues its tradition of great food and award winning wines.

China Grand
Sydney’s famous yum cha comes to Sydney Airport. Delicious food, delivered fast in a friendly environment.

Godiva – one of the world’s leading luxury chocolatiers offering deliciously sweet hand made treats including sublime hot chocolate.

Santos Grab & Go– Coffee bar with fresh pre-packed gourmet sandwiches and a wide variety of healthy wholefood snacks for long flights.

Bondi Bar – Licensed bar showcasing the latest in Australian and imported beer, wine and spirits.

Italian Bite – pizza, panini and other Italian delights.

Little Bok Choy – made to order stir-fry and noodle dishes.

Aromas CafĂ© –coffee and cake.