Poets Cafe, Montville

My mother loves the view from Poets Cafe on the main range at Montville on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as you can see all the way down to the sea through a small, heavily wooded section. It's a family tradition to lunch there for important locations such as her birthday and mothers day.

This day four of us headed up the highway for lunch on a beautiful Saturday morning. One of those days when the sky is amazingly blue and the trees and grass verdant green. The drive takes about an hour and a half to two from Brisbane and just half an hour from the Sunshine Coast.

As Poets Cafe is a popular spot I tried to book but the offer of either a 12 noon or 2pm sitting didn't work with our plans. So we winged it and ended  up with a great table anyhow.

The menu is not overly complicated but there is a good selection for a lunch.  Our choices included a thai beef salad, pumpkin fetta salad and a fancy chicken and avocado sandwich.  All were pleasing although there was way too much of the invidious spanish onion for my liking - at least half a cup in one serve.  I am continually surprised when spanish onion is not mentioned on the menu but is included in such large proportions.  Restaurateurs should be aware that many people (including several people in my family) do not like it.  It's a flavouring, not a vegetable folks - use in moderation!

The prices here are not cheap but the food is fresh and well prepared. Plus this is a seasonal tourist destination so I expect to pay a little more for the view. There's a great gallery downstairs where you can browse local art.

Montville is filled with interesting stores to browse and there is a wide selection of eateries. It's also great to include a stop at one of the close by national parks for a nature fix.

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Poets Cafe, 167 Main Street, Montville. 5478 5479