Search for the perfect cupcake - Spoon Deli, Paddington

I spied this cupcake in the cake cabinet at Spoon Deli, Paddington.  It looked interesting, as do many of their sweet treats, so I was tempted..... and then disappointed.

Straight from the cold cake cabinet it was old, cold and hard and cost $3.90. The cake was tough and the icing carved like lard. Even the choc button on the top had lost its flavour.

It's about time cafes learnt that if you can't supply a product in good condition, then don't offer it.  And please, please, take your old stock out, don't just sell it to unsuspecting customers.

Bottom line:  If you are wondering how old your choice of cake is just ask. I should have.

Spoon Deli, 107 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.