Brisbane is Australia's best city to eat in

I’ve been a bit stunned by the vitriolic blog comments  in response to Natascha Mirosch’s Tuesday Courier Mail story “ Brisbane is Australia’s best city to eat in”.

Seems there are a lot of unhappy Brisbane diners out there. What I’m wondering is where are they eating? Sure we all have bad dining experiences where the food doesn’t match the expectations, service is poor or the menu is overpriced. I’ve had them in Brisbane and Sydney and Melbourne. But I’ve learnt from that and now I always do my research before I head out.

It’s easy to check in any number of ways from Urban Spoon to any of the great blogs on Brisbane food (mine included).

Surely, people, you can work out what you like and vote with your feet!

I’m also tired of people complaining that Brisbane doesn’t have cultural diversity in its food. We haven’t had great waves of immigration here until recently – that’s our history. I expect you’ll see more ethnic restaurants opening in coming years as our population changes. It doesn’t lessen the food we have.

By dismissing Brisbane as a great food city you are doing a disservice to all the hard working, national award winning restaurants this town has. Think Ecco folks, think Campos – Australia’s best coffee shop, think the Fish Mongers Wife – Australia’s best fish and chips.

Here’s a list of good places to go posted by Fifi of Newfarm as a reply on the Degustation blog. I think it’s worth repeating and I’ve added some of my own – please add your favourites in the comments at the bottom. Let’s give people some great Brisbane restaurants to visit.

Alchemy, City $$$
Anise, New Farm $$$
Baguette, Ascot $$$
Bar Alto, New Farm $$ Piaf, Southbank $$
Beccofino, Teneriffe $$
Blue Smoke, New Farm $$
Brents, Toowong $$$
Brothers Espresso, City $
Cantina, West End $
Choquette, New Farm $
Claret House, Teneriffe $$
Cirque, New Farm $
Citron, Wilston $$
Crosstown, Wooloongabba $$
Ecco, City $$$
Espresso Garage, Southbank $
Freestyle Tout, Valley + West End $$
Grasshopper Asian Kitchen, Teneriffe $$
Grill’d, Valley $
Jellyfish, City $$$
Kim Thanh, West End $
Libertine, Paddington $$
Manx, Portside $$
Manee Thai, Carina Heights $
Mons Ban Sabai, Camp Hill $$
Montrachet, Paddington $$$
Ortiga, Valley $$$
Pearl, Wooloongabba $$
Pearl Bus Station, City $
Rapide, Camp Hill $$$
Restaurant II  $$$
Salt, Rosalie $$
Sardine Tin, Southbank $
Sings, Rosalie $
Siana, CBD $$
Sono, Portside $$$
Thai Wi Rat, Valley $
Trang, West End $
The Lark, Paddington $$
Urbane $$$
Verve Cafe CBD $$
Vespa Pizza, Wooloongabba $$
Yum Yum Peking Duck, Darra $

Finally, there’s a reason why Matt Moran opened Aria in Brisbane. There’s also a reason why a Brisbane is opening is on the list for many southern chefs. This is a great place to live and the produce around is outstanding. It’s up to you to find ways to get what you like. Spread the word.