Vietnamese rice paper rolls at Kim Khanh, Darra


I am very partial to Vietnamese rice paper rolls.  They combine good fresh produce and strong flavours with a piquant dipping sauce. 

One of the best places to eat this type of food is some of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Darra.  Kim Khanh is one I have visited several times.  The food is good, the service good and the bill is always surprisingly small.  I'm not visiting this restaurant for the decor or ambience - there is none! You'll find it at the bottom of a small drive-in group of shops.

According to some of Brisbane's best chefs, you can find good many Vietnamese restaurants in the streets close to the Darra railway station. Fellow Brisbane food blogger Mei Yen Chu has written Brisbane Budget Bites which will give you an introduction to the area.  Another Brisbane food blogger, Sally Lynch of Taste Trekkers, takes tours of the Asian shopping areas in Inala.

Back to the rice paper rolls - At Kim Khanah you can order a platter with your choice of meat and then roll your own rolls at the table. 

The rice papers arrive separately with a large bowl of hot water to soften them in.  It's a lot of fun making your own and it means everyone gets exactly what they like.

This is how mine looked before I rolled it.  Sorry, no photos of completed rolls - I was too busy dipping them in the sauce and eating!

Find Kim Khanh at 677 Cardiff Road, Darra. p 3375 3014.  Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10pm.