Search for the perfect cupcake - The Welsh Lady


The Welsh Lady at Rosalie has been a Brisbane institution for more than 20 years. It's located on Fernberg Road at Rosalie, just up from the popular eat strip with Salt, Sings, Flute and Bali Grill to name a few.

The hunt for the perfect cupcake took me there this week and although the shelves were a little bare because it was late in the day, I did score a chocolate mouse cupcake with raspberry. Gwen told me she usually has much more in stock including some raspberry mouse cupcakes that sounded to die for.

The Welsh Lady cupcakes are more cupcakes by size and shape than style. The chocolate mousse cupcake was filled with exceptionally light milk chocolate mousse infused with a well rounded flavour that rolled around my tongue, complimented by a sharp sweet raspberry sauce on the bottom. It was encased in a chocolate cup and sported a rum ball on the top. A great chocolate treat and a delight to eat but there wasn't a cake crumb in sight.

I also sampled a caramel tart - can't waste a visit on just one cupcake! It had a perfect short buttery base with a creamy fresh caramel interior. The caramel was slightly runny (it was a hot day) which I really liked. It seemed very fresh. The three chococolate drops on the top were a great foil but the tarts also come in a chocolate flavour if you needed more of a chocolate fix.

If you love cakes and pastries the Welsh Lady should be on your list. She's certainly stood the test of time and the cakes are only getting better.

Bottom line: Delicious eating but not a traditional style cupcake.

Welsh Lady 92 Fernberg Rd Paddington QLD 4064 - (07) 3368 3485