Top Sushi, Albert Street

I'm a long time sushi lover.  It's often my lunch of choice when I'm out on the town and need a quick fix so I've tried it at many different places.  I've even made it myself with some success.  It's not too hard and lots of fun if you do it with a partner. 

I have a few rules when buying sushi because it may contain raw food so no cooking process has been used to kill any food poisoning bacteria or parasites present.
  • Always pick a busy shop where you know the turn over is high. 
  • Look for a cabinet that is well chilled so the sushi kept in good condition
  • Check the hygiene handling when your sushi is served.
Prices for a sushi roll usually range between $1.50 to $2.70.
    I've heard about Top Sushi in Albert Street, Brisbane City for a while. It's a place that people queue around the block for at lunch time so I was eager to try it - now I'm just confused.  I don't understand why this is so popular.

    My daughter made the sushi choices for the day. We had soft shell crab which had a slight hint of garlic and a nice crunch with the crab,  smoked salmon which came with cream cheese (not my choice - cream cheese in sushi is just wrong) and teriyaki chicken.  The chicken was my least favourite as it was was shredded and texture was strange. It reminded me of something in a can that the cat might have liked. A roll costs $2.20.

    Bottom line: no way was this close to good.

    So were they having a bad day or am I being too fussy - you tell me!