Buba & La, Paddington, Brisbane

This is a newly opened shop that offers lots of different things.  Its got women's clothes, lots of gifts, homewares, children's toys etc and a small cafe.

You'll find Baba & La on Latrobe Terrace at Paddington in between the Antique Centre and Thousand Island Dressing - the top end.

There's some cafe seating inside but most of it is outside on the front verandah.  Even on a very hot Brisbane day it was quite cool with a breeze (such a blessing).  Unfortunately there were no cupcakes but I did have a muffin - raspberry and white chocolate - and it was very good.  It was moist and fresh with plenty of white chocolate inside.  I might have liked an extra raspberry but I'm not going to complain because I really enjoyed the muffin.

The coffee was reasonable but just a little bitter.

It's only a small menu but if you are looking for a quick snack or a coffee and cake where you can browse as well, then this is a good choice.

Bottom line:  This was a 4 outa 5 on my muffin meter -  Excellent - with the addition of a few more raspberries - perfection.

Buba & La
139 Latrobe Terrace,
Paddington. 3368 2384