Hidden cupcake surprises - Couture Cupcakes, Bardon, Brisbane

There's nothing I like better than a surprise, especially when it comes with a cupcake!

A good cupcake looks delicious to eat and tastes delicious too. It has icing that doesn't make your teeth tingle but compliments the cake.

But most of all, a good cupcake takes you on a little journey.  Maybe it's back to your grandma's kitchen because you're eating something that tastes like her fairy cakes or perhaps it's the streets of New York where you first tasted that rich style of cupcake made famous by Magnolias.

And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there's a surprise inside. A gooey centre that bursts into your mouth and explodes with flavour.  I love cupcakes like this, not every time mind or the surprise would be dissipated, but just when I don't expect it.

Couture Cupcakes new Fairy Cake cupcake and Lemon Meringue cupcakes promise this and deliver.  The fairy cake has a large drop of strawberry jam and the lemon meringue has lemon curd inside. They are both worth tasting.

Couture Cupcakes
9/65 Macgregor Terrace
Bardon (07) 3367 2600

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