Northey Street Organic Markets, Windsor, Brisbane


We had intended to rise early but it seemed better to sleep in and so it wasn't until about 9.30 that we arrived at the Northey Street Organic Markets in Windsor, Brisbane. That was a mistake because these markets close around 10.30am.

These markets are long established and have a regular following. It's Brisbane's only certified organic farmers market. Fresh produce, dairy and dry goods are all available and there is an edible landscapes plant nursery. Look out for permaculture workshops as well.

There's a nice, friendly feel about the market and even though stall holders were starting to pack up around 10am they were still helpful. Located under the shelter of giant trees, the market also is quite relaxed and shady. There are plenty of comfortable places to stop and eat food which doesn't usually happen at other markets.The parking was also easy, but we did arrive late.

Our late start meant no brekkie so first on the list was a coffee from the  Di Bella coffee cart which was good and then something to eat.  I spied something that looked interested and decided to try a new taste.  I have some quinoa in the cupboard at home to use in a salad but havn't quite got there yet. Quinoa porridge sounded like a good way to start getting used to the flavour.

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) is an amino acid-rich (protein) seed that has a fluffy, creamy, slightly crunchy texture and a somewhat nutty flavor when cooked.

So I ordered Banana and toasted coconut organic quinoa porridge with coconut syrup.   Because I was hungry, I ate it all but I think I'll stick to my rolled oat porridge next time. Like oat porridge, it definitely needed the coconut and coconut syrup to give it flavour.

This is a fruit and veg market with a sprinkling of holistic practitioners offering massages and health goods.

I bought some lamb steaks from Alaringa Organics.  Ian Moss left a comment on my Eat,drink+beKerry facebook page suggesting I should visit the markets, so I did. The lamb I bought came from Ian's dorper lambs. It was tender with a mild lamb flavour.  Amanda Scibilia runs the Northey Street stall and has a large range of organic beef, chicken, lamb and pork.  It must be popular as there wasn't much left by 10am.

My partner bought fruit and veg and it was excellent - very tasty apples bananas and plums.

If you are looking for organic produce and like buying at a market,  Northey Street has a lot going for it. It's on every Sunday from 6am.

Northey Street City Farm, 16 Victoria Street, Windsor