Search for the perfect cupcake -More-ish, Milton, Brisbane

Hot and tired, I decided to try a coffee at place that had been recommended to me as having fabulous brekkies - More-ish at Milton.

I spied a cupcake in the cabinet and couldn't resist the chance to taste it.  I should have....

Unfortunately it had been in the cabinet way too long and was completely dried out.  There was nothing to recommend it, even the icing didn't taste great. I stopped after two bites.

I politely passed on my comments to the waitress who served me. She was very pleasant and offered to tell the chef but did not offer me my money back or a substitute.

It's unfortunate when this happens but cupcakes are susceptible to drying out in a cake cabinet.  Cafes really need to be vigilant about checking their stock.  At the least they should offer you your money back or a replacement.

Bottom line:  Not an experience I will repeat.

12 Baroona Road, Milton  p 3876 6411