Tsuru Sushi Cafe, Ashgrove, Brisbane


Sushi is a very popular meal choice today.  It's seen as a healthy alternative but still has the capacity to hit the spot.  There's lots of places to buy it but the taste doesn't always live up to the promise.

At Tsuru the product looks fresh and it is.  There's a chef in the kitchen who's constantly turning out new sushi and he will happily make it to order as well.  It only takes a few minutes, as we found out, and they are happy to do it.

This food search started after a long visit to Ikea.  We made too many purchases as usual (I'm really happy with my new shelf space saver units!) and were starving.  But even when starving we couldn't face the Ikea cafe so it was back to Ashgrove for shopping and a meal at Tsuru.

Our first choice was the only thing left in the cabinet (it was late in the day) - a smoked salmon roll that, in contrast to another one I've sampled recently, tasted really good.  While we ate this the chef whipped up a soft shell crab roll which was even more impressive.  I loved the way the warm crab contrasted against the cooler rice.  It was delicious and I would queue around the block for this.

We decided to try a take away dinner a few days later and rang up to order gyoza - pan friend pork and vegetable dumplings, chicken teriyaki, katsu curry ( chicken slow cooked in Japanese curry which is very mild) and yaki udon (stir fried noodles with vegetables and egg).  We enjoyed these and the gyoza were a real hit.

Although we took our meal home, you could easily dine in as the decor is a cut above your average take away joint.


Find Tsuru at the Ashgrove Shopping Centre fronting Ashgrove Avenue.

Tsuru, 16 Ashgrove Avenue, Ashgrove. 33661885