The George in Rye, East Sussex, England

Here's a bit of unashamed nepotism!  Heads up to all living in, near or planning to visit Rye, England.  Get yourself down to The George in Rye, 98 High Street, Rye, East Sussex, and check out the food young Australian Head Chef Paul Gordon is churning out.

Before heading OS late last year Paul worked at qualia on Hamilton Island and most recently the popular Sardine Tin in Little Grey Street at South Bank plus a host of other Queensland establishments.

Newly appointed Head Chef at The George in Rye, he's made his mark with a fabulous new menu with some quirky accents including whole grain mustard ice cream and bloody mary sorbet (not together). However, the dessert queen in me is hanging out to try Strawberry parfait, basil sorbet, balsamic marshmallows.

Paul's menu is fresh, seasonal and sourced from the local farms around Rye, Sussex and Kent. Much of the fish and seafood is freshly caught by the trawlers of Rye Bay. The bar offers a large range of wine by the glass, including those from vineyards in East Sussex and Kent. 

The George in Rye, 98 High Street, Rye, East Sussex,