Boombana Cafe, Mt Nebo

When a beautiful Brisbane Sunday morning arrives - you know, the sky is blue and the birds are singing - we like nothing better than hoping on to the motor bike for a short trip into the country. In just minutes you can be winding through bushland with fabulous views over huge valleys.

One of our favourite places is Mt Nebo/Mt Glorious on Brisbane's west side.  It's just a hop, skip and jump from my abode to Waterworks Road which leads out to the mountains.

We've tried many of the cafes and restaurants on the route and this time stopped at a new one, Boombana Cafe. I've always been intrigued by their signs which claim they have the best milkshakes and scones.

Unfortunately we didn't try the scones as it was breakfast time but we did sample their breakfast menu. There were plenty of egg and bacon mix choices all served with a dense sour dough rye bread. The eggs are free range and the sausages are pure beef with no fillers or additives and are gluten free. There's also and impressive selection of highrise pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup.  Breakfast is available all day.

The choice was two rashers of bacon, two eggs, and two slices of toast.  It came attractively and simply decorated with a nasturtium leaf.  Without a murmur from me, the chef checked to see if my easy over eggs were done enough and took them back for a quick update.

Their lunch menu includes hamburgers and steak burgers plus an assortment of sandwiches and rolls. The 'no meat section' has potato wedges, veggie burgers and nachos.  They use only cotton seed oil for deep frying.

Plus there's a sugar fix section with cakes, muffins and sticky date pudding, all made on premise.

Bottom line: Simple food with good ingredients done well.

Boombana Cafe, 1863 Mt Nebo Road, Mt Nebo
+61 7 32898110

Closed Monday to Wednesday.  Open Thursday and Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am.