When only a red velvet cupcake will do!

There's something quite transcending about that first bite into a red velvet cupcake.  The flavour, intense and chocolaty, combined with the almost iridescent red colour is very curious.  Combine that with a moist, dense cake and wow - my taste buds are dancing.

I've been resisting the drive to Poppy Cakes in Emporium for some time but my resolve is sure to fall apart tomorrow when Milk Bar at Ashgrove gets their first order of red velvet cupcakes from Poppy Cakes. Why are they doing this to me?

Not that I've done this myself (she says secretly wishing she had) but you can pre-order a 6-pack of red velvet cupcakes in a Milk cupcake box for Friday morning (24 September).

So who's going to be the star of the office, the fave of the family, adored by playgroup or the envy of their dinner guests coming up with such a simple but divine dessert?

If you'd like to make your own here's a recipe - otherwise - Milk  3366 2007.