Spinning pizzas at Vapiano, Brisbane City

I've just had the best pizza I've ever eaten. Why?

  • Because I made it myself? Maybe
  • Because the ingredients were tailored to my taste buds? Perhaps
  • Because the ingredients were fresh, high quality, of Queensland origin and came straight from the Vapiano mixing boxes?  Played a big part
  • Because I had an experienced Vapiano chef looking over my shoulder and guiding my every step? Most likely :)
I've made a few pizzas in my time, from dough to table but this one definitely ticked all my boxes with a delicious tomato sauce, a few anchovies and olives, a sprinkle of rocket, buffalo mozzarella from North Queensland and tasty parma ham.

Pizza base

Pizza before cooking

Pizza after cooking
It was all part of a pizza spinning glass at Vapiano in Brisbane's Albert Lane.  With the dough already made, we had to roll, press and stretch the balls into bases.  Then there was the spinning - best left to the experts I found.

The part I liked best was being let loose in the ingredients boxes and piling my pizza with my faves. Then it was deftly moved on a slide into the oven for cooking until it returned to the post cooking station for another sprinkle of rocket and some oregano.

The pizza spinning class was a one off but ask enough and you might encourage them to start up a regular class.  It sure was fun.

They also showed us how to make one of my faves, a calzone.

Albert Lane, Queen Street, Brisbane.
(07) 3221 4933

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