Win a copy of 'At Home with Ben' - Ben O'Donoghue's latest cookbook

'At home with Ben' is an interesting concept for a chef who runs a busy restaurant and is heavily involved in television.

And Ben O'Donoghue laughed as he admitted he doesn't actually cook that much at home now, but he has plans to change that once his kitchen is renovated.

Ben is proud of this new book, 'At home with Ben' which shares the sort of food he likes to cook for friends. (When he can! :)

It's a compilation of his favourites from restaurants he has worked in, dishes he cooks at South Bank Surf Club and those eaten at other restaurants. The focus  is on shared food, seasonal ingredients and vibrant flavours.

I particularly liked his idea of feeding a family on a budget by cooking larger cuts of meat and using the left overs to create dishes over several days.  It's a skill our grandmothers used to excell at that has been lost to convenience and time poor working mothers.  Give it a go and you might be surprised at the results.

He's also championing free range, rare breed, organic and slow cooking - which all taste better and are better for both you and the planet.

Here's some of the food from the launch which is in the book

At Home with Ben , Hardie Grant Books. $49.95

If you'd like to win an autographed copy, leave a comment below! I have one to give away. -

Update: This competition has closed. The book was won by Telia.