In season this week - Nov 23

Brisbane Market reports that -
  • Sweet new season lychees are starting to arrive on the shelves in larger numbers from this week, right on cue for the start of the festive season.
  • Stonefruit from Stanthorpe and Victoria is the best to sample this week, with the smaller sized fruit the cheapest in a firmly priced market.
  • Strawberries are unexpectedly in strong supply and of good dollar value, papaws have been plentiful and sweet all year and seedless watermelons are good eating but expensive.
  • It’s the last of the apple, pear and navel orange season. Valencia oranges and lemons are scarce but limes are still in strong supply and cheap.
  • There are fewer Kensington Pride, commonly known as Bowen mangoes, on the shelves this week. However there is a good supply of the larger R2E2 variety.
  • Machine picked beans, zucchinis and sweet potatoes have dropped in price. Look for specials on broccoli, cauliflower and the ugly, but tasty, new season onions.
  • However, corn, capsicum, potatoes and cabbage are in short supply and expensive.
  • Tomatoes are back on the shelves and are good quality at a medium price, with the exception of Roma tomatoes, which are still scarce and higher in price.
  • Lettuce and cucumbers are great value.
  • Australian avocados are at the end of their season and firm in price but beware of the new season imported product with some of it picked too early to taste its best.