Christmas Day dessert

I'm a big fan of the traditional plum pud with extra ice cream, cream and custard, did I say more cream and custard?

My grandmother Ruby was a great cook and always made the plum pudding properly with the threepences baked in.  Sadly, she's no longer with us so over the years we have been known to fake it by pushing the money in after cooking or even (hope you are not reading Ruby) into a bought plum pud. But my Dad said it was never the same and of course he was right.

But a recent calorie count comparison has made me suggest a mango mousse for Christmas lunch this year.  I don't want to spoil your Christmas by telling you how many calories are in each mouthful of Xmas pud but don't go back for seconds.  To make things even worse, Mince tarts (another fave) are top of the calorie list.

So it's mango mousse trifle, which includes a liberal dose of my favourite Bundaberg Rum this year and here's the recipe! Enjoy. Mango Mousse Trifle