Christmas in a box

What better way to start the weekend than with a delivery of gourmet goodies?

When a Friday in a Box arrived on my doorstep full of Elixir Coffee, Limar Nougat, This Relish, Dukkah, Coolanuna Olive Oil, Suncoast Limes Lime Salt, a flash linen tea towel and topped with a Singapore orchid I thought it was Christmas!

Just like originators of the service Natasha Johnson and Angela Tracey expected, I immediately started the weekend with delicious nibbles and a glass of wine.  Natasha says they have chosen products they believe will delight time-poor foodies and I can only agree.  The box even comes with recipe ideas and serving suggestions. 

Throw in a bunch of flowers with the gourmet box and life is looking pretty good.   A great Xmas option for the time poor or brain drained.

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